Why black tie is considered the most specific dress code?

A black tie is a dress code, this code refers to an occasion’s formality, whereas formal is about maintaining tradition. This dress code for men consists of the traditional tuxedo and a black dinner jacket and trousers, a black formal waistcoat or black cummerbund, a black bow tie or long tie, a white formal shirt, black socks and black formal shoes.

What is a format shirt? What is a dinner jacket? What is a black cummerbund? There are such questions raised by persons interested in wearing the appropriate clothes for special events. Men like black tie. Why and what do they like at a black tie? It is special and simple, in the same time. Much of the dress code of black tie is not about what man must wear, but what they may wear. Despite experts’ sources and evolution of dress code, the details are identical. The black tie is a matter of personal interpretation.

As far as women are concerned, the black tie occasions involves: evening shoes, gloves, evening gown with gloves or stole. Today ladies are wearing something more informal, such as little black dress, or a ball gown, a cocktail dress or dresses which are not very long and should not be black.

Which are the social occasions to wear black ties? The black tie is worn to public or private dinners, parties and balls. It replaced the more formal white tie. It is worn at opera or ballet, at formal dinners on cruise ships.

The black tie is also worn at wedding. In United States at formal day wedding the black tie is seen instead of traditional morning dress. But, certain clothing experts discourage the wearing of black tie before 7 p.m. The black tie is seldom worn in England and Wales at church or civil ceremonies, in favor of lounge suit. But in recent years, black tie is worn at evening receptions.

In conclusion, the dress code of black tie can be confusing. A tuxedo and a bow tie are also dress codes. Sometimes a cummerbunds are expected at traditional events and shoes should be black leather. For modern look, it is nice to wear a necktie in rich colors like navy blue or burgundy, even a metallic tie bar. And other black tie accessories are cufflinks and studs, and handkerchiefs.

The white handkerchief is worn, but also silver, cream and ivory pieces. The black tie is solid black in color for a traditional look. Although ties can be a matter of choice for men, when we are talking about dress code, the back tie is an important item for all people who know the importance of style in all occasions and like to wear the best quality ties, which are definitely the black ties made of different materials, but for all kind of special events. The black tie will remain one of the most interesting and important dress codes, so pay attention to wearing it.

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