How to start a blog ?

A blog can be a great solution to promote your brand, to share your thoughts or even to start a business. There are many top bloggers that make lots of money.

Obviously, to get there you should work and learn. For now, we will show you how to start a blog and how to manage it.

First of all, you should come with a blogging concept. Start searching for a passion that you love and know lots of things. You can blog about gaming, politics, food, movies and every other subject you love. It’s important to find a subject that will help people. This is the way to gain trafic and money.

Spy on your competition

If you allready choose a subject and you know what you want to do with your blog, you should spy on your competition. Read some other blogs and find what you can bring, better than what’s there.

Choose a blogging platform

If you want to be profesional, the best way to start is by creating a wordpress blog. Find and buy your own domain, find a cheap wordpress hosting and install your wordpress website. It is quite simple if you choose the best hosting company.

Start writing

This is the hard part. After you have your website, you should start writing and you should do it good and often. You can find a keyword suggestion scrapr site and use some keywords that are searched online.

This way, the chance of winning trafic and money is better. Even it’s hard to get results from the first month, you should continue to write and to search for your readers.

Try to promote your articles in social media, on forums that talk about your subject and on web directories. Yes, web directories are not so great lately, but they can bring you some advantages.

Starting a blog is tough and mentaining a good quality is tougher. If you love what you do though, you can get lots of benefits from blogging.

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