Simple Ways To Get More Green In Your Life

Going green is a hot topic these days and you’re surely aware of the many benefits. If you haven’t become an avid member of the green club yet, look over the following tips delivered to you by

They show you some very simple ways to go green in everyday living, saving money and the environment in the process.

1. Change your old light bulbs. Newer bulbs are highly efficient in both energy use and life-span, doubling the ways you can save money. If they last longer and use less power, you will benefit greatly from putting them in every lamp in your home.

Use them in overheads too and don’t forget about the basement and garage. These new bulbs cast plenty of brightness, so don’t worry about dimness being a trade-off for savings!

2. Upgrade your appliances. The next time you are in need of a major appliance, look for the Energy Star! They are certifiably better for the environment and your budget. Through advanced technology, they drain less power and use less water, saving you plenty on your monthly bills and sparing the environment.

3. Improve your water flow. Using low-flow devices on your plumbing fixtures, you can dramatically reduce the amount of water you use without even noticing the difference. Installing these devices in your home will save you considerably over the course of a year, proving that your family didn’t need to be using so much water in the first place.

Although the United States enjoys a seemingly plentiful supply of fresh water, it is a diminishing resource all over the world.

Simple Ways To Get More Green In Your Life

4. Proudly plant a tree or two on your property. Trees are the back-bone of the environment, feeding the atmosphere and Eco-systems that sustain the planet. A tree will also provide you with shade in warm weather that can help lower your air-conditioning bill. Not to mention the added bonus of looking beautiful in your yard!

5. Carpool or walk whenever possible. Sharing a ride with a co-worker can give you extra time to work on professional goals and projects, or driving with a friend can allow you catch-up time on personal issues.

Either way, you’ll save yourself a ton of gas money and be reducing the amount of toxic emissions from your vehicles. The benefits of walking are enormous to your health, both physically and psychologically!

6. Get into a recycling groove. Initially, recycling many of the things you use everyday can be tedious and confusing, however; after a week or so you will find it becomes automatic!

Reusing materials can reduce the over-flow in landfills, carbon monoxide emissions from factories and cut costs on many of the products you buy. Buy items that can be recycled and look for ones that already have been!

7. Buy travel mugs. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to adopt a greener lifestyle. Consider your daily visit to the coffee shop multiplied by the number of days in a year, then multiplied by all the caffeinated commuters in the country: that’s a lot of Styrofoam!

Most of those cups take years to degrade in a landfill and add to the price of your morning fix. Invest in a personalized travel mug and use it every day.

Going green is a win-win for everybody: you save money and improve conditions for the environment as well. Use these tips and learn from other sources to keep the green going in your everyday life.

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