Simple Start-up Tips For Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest Internet-based business opportunities in existence today, and it’s been that way for many years. E-commerce is always huge online; despite the many different sites and trends that come and go, people still spend their money online.

This puts you in a great position if you’re thinking about becoming an affiliate, but you need to walk before you run.

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of you, the affiliate, selling a product for another company, which is considered the merchant. You will drive sales through marketing and receive a commission when that product is sold.

An affiliate link is the hyperlink you will insert in your text in order to drive people to a product page. This link is specifically coded, coming from the merchant, in order to send the signal that it’s you who’s driving the traffic and making the sale.

If you’ve ever noticed those header-sized ads at the top of a webpage, this is a banner ad. Most studies conclude that banner ads are the most effective at receiving clicks, as they’re more prevalent than other types of ads.

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Click-through rate, also known as CTR, is the rate at which an ad is clicked by a viewer to end up at another location. So, if one out of every one-hundred visitors clicks-through on your ad, you have a CTR of one percent, which is pretty good, all things considered.

The commission you receive from an affiliate merchant after making a sale is simply your payment for services rendered. It was your marketing and your effort which led to the sale, and the payment you receive from this is your commission.

A PPC ad, or pay-per-click, is an ad where a publisher is paid every time the ad is clicked. For example, if you list Google ads on your site, you will be paid every time someone clicks-through the ad, as the company behind that ad pays Google for the service.

To be a super affiliate, you basically have to generate around 80 to 90 percent of a company’s total earnings for any product, or you have to in the top one or two percent of affiliates for that company. This is obviously a harder title to obtain with larger merchants.

A text link is a hyperlink that’s anchored with words and doesn’t act as a standalone web address link. Those blue-underlined, highlighted sentences in the middle of paragraphs you see when reading a web article are considered text links.

Two-tier marketing is basically a system where you get paid in two different ways. For example, your particular affiliate service may pay you for making a direct sale, and also for referring people to sign up to become affiliates, wherein you will receive a percentage of every sale they make.

A tracking code is simply the code a merchant uses to ensure congruency between you and the service. This tracking code will be entered by someone you refer, for example, in order to alert the merchant that it’s you who’s earning the referral.

There’s a lot more to affiliate marketing than the basics listed above. However, learning the basics gives you a much broader platform to start from.


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