The Simple Symptoms That Could Indicate Cancer Is Present

Hearing a cancer diagnosis is a scary thing. The prognosis after such a diagnosis can be slim, and the reality is often a limited lifespan or complete need for change in how one chooses to live the rest of their days. While hearing the word “cancer” is frightening, detecting it early is the key to receiving a more positive prognosis for complete remission and long term health.

Here, we will explore some simple symptoms that could indicate cancer is your reality.

1. Extreme weight loss over a short period of time Weight loss is viewed as a positive by many people, but if the weight loss is extreme and without effort, it can indicate a serious health problem. When cancer cells are invading the body, individuals often deplete their energy supply, and the result can be excessive weight loss. If an individual finds that they are losing five or more pounds on a consistent basis week after week, a visit to the doctor is warranted.

2. Wounds that are not healingIn addition to extreme weight loss, wounds that do not heal or appear suddenly can indicate cancer, specifically skin cancer. Oftentimes, cancer cells are vicious, and they can be quite difficult for the body to fight off. Because of this, wounds tend to stick around longer and grow, even with proper wound care and treatment. A dermatologist can diagnosis skin cancer with a visual exam and biopsy, so one should pay a visit to such a professional if wounds are a concern.

3. Extreme fatigue with an unknown originA third way that cancer can hinder day to day life is by causing extreme fatigue or exhaustion. This is often the case when cancers, such a leukemia or stomach cancer, are present. These cancers attack white blood cells within the body, causing a serious drop in iron levels and thus, fatigue. A simple blood test is in order if fatigue is present and the origin of it is unknown.

4. A high fever without explanationCancer causes the body to fight foreign bodies and it effects the immune system. The body’s response to such a battle is often a high fever without explanation. While fever tends to occur more often after treatment has begun, it can happen at any time, even in the earliest stages of cancer. A fever of more than 102 that does not go away with time and with over-the-counter medications should be checked out, as it can indicate cancer is present.

None of the symptoms listed above are a one hundred percent accurate indication that cancer is present, but they all can mean that the body is fighting hard against something, and at times that something might be cancer. Remember that when cancer is present, early detection is key to seeing a full remission and recovery.

Take any of the symptoms indicated above seriously, visit with a medical professional and receive an accurate diagnosis to increase the odds of better long term success.


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